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There have always been Guitarists who were willing to go further and expand on what had gone before. Guitarists who pushed the boundaries of what was physically possible and helped develop the vocabulary that is available to Guitarists today. Shred Guitar Academy carries on this tradition and is proud to proclaim it AND Teach It And Bring It To Enthusiastic Musicians And Those Looking To Be Themselves As A "Shred" Guitarist: Full, Loud And Proud, And Unabashedly A Shredder Monster, And Why? no? To best tackle any academic or physical discipline, learning the history of the subject is vital: an awareness of what has come before and the evolution of the Shred subject is key to its development and understanding. This holds true for playing the Shred guitar, and the good news is that since the electric guitar is a comparatively young instrument, the history of the genre is relatively easy to trace. Stop by and check out the musicians and bands you follow - it will help you tremendously in understanding and appreciating the world of guitar playing. Knowledge is power...

Shred guitar teacher

Carlos Osnaya

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